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Susan Park is a partner at non sibi ventures and leads the firm's investor relations and marketing efforts.


Previously, Susan was a partner of 30X LLC, a global advisory firm and global accelerator.  Prior, Susan was a managing director and co-founding partner at technology focused hedge funds where she and her team generated persistent alpha and steady positive uncorrelated returns, Susan also facilitated the origination and evolution of investor marketing materials and impactful communication with potential investors and existing investors. 


Susan is also an advisor to several startups including an Israeli based voice recognition software startup and a U.S. based fintech startup.  Susan recently served as an advisor to a Korean artificial intelligence tech company focusing on their product development, value proposition and go-to-market strategy.


Susan holds a BS in Biology and Psychology from Tufts University.

Susan, lives in New York, and recharges her internal zen through running and spinning, While she, her husband and son are LEGO enthusiasts.

Susan Park: Team
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